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The Pittsford Sutherland Field Hockey Booster Club is an organization of students, parents, neighbors, friends and fans. 

It is our goal to help support and enhance the field hockey program at Pittsford Sutherland High School by raising money to purchase equipment, clothing, and turf field time beyond what the school athletic budget provides.


Money is raised through memberships and fundraising activities.  By becoming a Booster Club member, you will help our young athletes have a more enjoyable and rewarding high school experience.  Students will also learn fair play, sportsmanship and respect in this program. 

Competitive sports teams at the school bring a great sense of community and team spirit to the entire student body as the athletes gain self-discipline; trust in others and the opportunity to represent their school within a competitive environment.


President - Tim Spitz

Vice President - Carly Layton

Treasurer - Kristen Walsh

Secretary - Joe Queri